Find Zulfiqar Ahmad Khan (Zulfi) Ex Sr VP STAR TV/COO Balaji Missing In Kenya

Find Zulfiqar Ahmad Khan (Zulfi) Ex Sr VP STAR TV/COO Balaji Missing In Kenya

October 13, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Rajiv Dubey

This petition is on behalf of Zulfi’s friends/colleagues/ well-wishers to Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to intervene with the Government of Kenya and bring back Zulfi home safe. Please sign this petition so that the government of India launches a search operation for him at the earliest.

Zulfiqar Ahmad Khan, Zulfi as one would call him, is an alumnus of Hansraj College New Delhi and St Joseph School Nainital. He is 48 years old and has an illustrious media career - he last worked as the COO of Balaji Telefilms. Prior to that, he was also the Managing Director of the OTT platform HOOQ and the Business Head and Chief Revenue Officer of Eros Now

Zulfi started his media career as a Trainee with Star India and grew to be the Senior Vice President of Advertising Sales where he managed several channels like Star Plus, Star Gold, Star Sports, National Geographic, Chanel V etc. Zulfi has been a keen sportsman, a foodie, an avid traveller, climber and explorer. His passion for cricket is well known to us all – every run, every ball, every pitch is discussed threadbare by Zulfi with friends willing to listen.

The traveller that he is, Zulfi doesn’t just visit a country or a place – but spends weeks exploring the area, soaking himself into its history and culture. Last year he travelled deep into Kashmir and Ladakh and spent over a month camping and trekking with friends. Visits to his native village near Jaunpur were a treat for all his friends, because his Instagram and Facebook posts would regale us all with amazing stories of his village and the memoirs he had of the place.

His trip to Kenya was yet again the explorer in Zulfi wanting to experience a new country. We enjoyed watching his social media posts of breath-taking Masai Mara and all the amazing food he was partaking of. In his telephone conversations with friends, he said he was returning on July-24th but planned to be back towards the year end to witness the Great Migration across the Mara River.  
But after July-21st, there was complete silence. No Facebook or Instagram updates, no phone calls, and what worried all his friends the most – our WhatsApp weren’t showing as received.

He had spoken to some of his friends just days earlier and talked about wildlife at length and advised them to visit this "lovely" place. And then Zulfi just disappeared. Without a trace. No contact with family or friends.

It's been almost 90 days now and yet no one has any idea about his whereabouts. Local Police in Kenya are clueless. They have been asked by the High Court of the land to produce Zulfi but they have no idea where he is. There are scattershot reports in the Kenyan media where they picked up the wrong LinkedIn profile of another Zulfiqar Ahmed Khan and called our Zulfi a “cyber security expert.” Which would be funny if it weren’t scary. Most of the information on him in their media is completely baseless and without any proper research. 

The Ministry of External Affairs states that a police complaint has been filed in Kenya and that the issue is subjudice in the High Court of Kenya. They add that the Indian High Commission has been in touch with Kenyan authorities. Besides this they don't really have an update for him.

With this note, we want to make people aware about who Zulfi really is, question his disappearance, and plead with our Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to intervene and ask the concerned Government of Kenya to start a search operation to get our Zulfi back home safe!

It breaks our hearts to know that so many months have passed and no credible efforts have been done to find him. If you sign my petition, the government could listen and help us find Zulfi.

I'm counting on your support.

#getzulfiback #getzulfibacksafe #bringzulfihome

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Signatures: 11,209Next Goal: 15,000
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