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Letter to
Planet Earth Concerned Beings
There is no such thing as "safe nukes".

There is not enough Uranium to last more than a decade if the whole world is using nuclear generated electricity.
(paraphrase) ~ Dr. Helen Caldicott, who wrote "Nuclear Power is NOT the Answer" and "Nuclear Madness".

The following quotes are from a Dr. Helen Caldicott, lecture about cancer due to Nuclear Radiation, FreeSpeech TV.


"If all our electricity today was generated from Nuclear Power, there's only 9 yrs. supply in the world of Uranium so it's a very finite resource that leaves radioactive waste that lasts for half a million years." ...
"The really serious industry that is a carcinogenic industry, beyond anything else, is the Nuclear Industry. ... [It] will, over generations, induce random, compulsory genetic engineering & epidemics of malignancy, particularly in children, for the rest of time. It's a killing industry.
Europe ... [is] still covered with radioactive fallout [from Chernobyl]. 40% of Europe is still radioactive.
Many of our apricots come from Turkey [which] had a huge radioactive fallout.
I do not, on principle, buy European food because you don't know what food carries Strontium 90 or Cesium 137 or Radioactive Iodine 129 or Plutonium.
We're now starting to see the incidents of cancer rising. The incubation period for cancer is 5 to 6 years [before it shows up].
Cancers do not denote their origins. Madam Curie died of Leukemia.
They couldn't find a low enough dose that didn't give all the [test] dogs cancer.

20 to 50% of [Uranium] workers die of lung cancer ... Radon Gas.
Radium is a calcium analogue, which gave M. Curie cancer.
Gamma Radiation, like X-rays. These are cumulative.
Cancer is very hard to control in adults.
Genetic diseases ... genetic abnormalities. Genes damaged by radiation.
Babies & children are 10 tp 20% more sensitive to the carcinogenic effects of radiation than adults because [their cells are dividing more rapidly in the growing process].
A nuclear future means no future for our children.
How do they dig [Uranium] up? Great Big Diggers & Huge trucks all fueled by fossil fuels. So when you burn the fossil fuels, out goes CO2. So the beginning of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle, millions of tons of Uranium ore dug up creates massive quantities of CO2, which is the main GWB gas.
After Uranium is mined, than you crush the Uranium ore with Big Crushers, More Fossil Fuel.
Then it's taken to Kentucky [still more fossil fuels] & it's converted to a gas called Uranium HexaFloride.
[This] gas is forced thru tiny little micro-pores in a big Nickle Plate.
It takes so much electricity to do that, that a "Uranium enrichment plant has 2 huge coal fire plants to supply the electricity". ... -> greenhouse gases & GWB.
93% of the CFC Gas, in America, that is released, comes from that enrichment plant from leaking pipes.
CFC Gas destroys the Ozone Layer. so it was banned under the Montreal Protocol.
The Nuclear industry has been Grandfathered out of the Montreal Protocol.
CFC Gas is 10,000 or 20,000 times more potent, as a Global Warmer, than CO2.
Then you have to build a huge nuclear reactor. To make concrete releases a lot of CO2.
Then you have to decommission the Nuclear Power Plant after it's operated for about 24 years because it's so radioactive, men can't go in there anymore & operate it because they get huge doses of radiation.
So you let it cool for decades & then cut it apart by remote control using robots: more CO2.
Radioactive waste has to be cooled for decades, circulating water thru it: more CO2.
Then it has to be packed into trucks & transported [more CO2] to God knows where & stored, isolated from the environment, for half a million years. Nobody knows what to do with it.
At the moment, a Nuclear Power plant produces 30% of the amount of CO2 as a similar sized gas fired plant [not counting the CO2 released described above] but as the concentration of Uranium available daclines, within 10 or 20 years, [a] Nuclear Power Plant will produce the same amount of GWB as a fossil fuel plant so you may as well burn the fossil fuel.
The Nuclear Industry cannot exist without you paying for it. It is a totally socialezed industry. ... "so what you see is Socialism for the Nuclear Industry & many Corporations, & Capitalism for the rest of us." In other words We have to pay for it. (l.e.?) ...

Strontium 90 lasts for 600 years.
The radioactive materials land on the grass & get concentrated.
The cows eat the grass & the radioactive materials are further concentrated.
Further concentrate in cow's milk ...
Further concentrated in humans who consume the milk, etc.
Humans are at the top of the food chain.

"War is about Murder."
"I think George Bush is the most dangerous man America has ever had."

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