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The government of Tanzania has refused funding for a southern route, sahying it will build the highway through the Serengeti.


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Building a commercial highway through the Serengeti National Park will put this priceless World Heritage in grave danger. The stakes are high – the Serengeti, once gone, will be gone forever.

Help build a coalition of international support to fund an alternate route:

* Use your influence with the Tanzanian government – and with other governments or lending institutions that might finance the highway – to permanently halt plans for a northern route and ensure the integrity of the Serengeti National Park.

* Support studies and plans for an alternate route that will not adversely affect protected wildlife areas and indigenous peoples.

* Initiate and fund economic development, health, and education projects that benefit people living near and affected by the protected natural areas of the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

The government of Tanzania has a responsibility to work for development and welfare of its people. But with your support, it does not have to sacrifice its most precious wilderness, its income from tourism, or its heritage of conservation.

Ultimately, this issue is a test case for the 21st Century: Do we have the wisdom and the will to create development programs that benefit people while still protecting our world’s great natural treasures?

If we can't save the Serengeti, what can we save?

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