Abolition of Income tax on Interest on FDs in Banks

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 I request people to go through the following post.

As per current personal income tax policy, we are paying tax on interest earned on FDs. At anytime, interest on FDs is less compared with the then existing inflation rate. Middle class people save balance money after paying tax, after their expenses , for their future financial protection. They also limit their expenses for this purpose. We are paying  some of interest as tax and thus loosing away part of our planned financial protection. Interests earned on all types of deposits except (EPF,GPF,PPF ) are taxable.  Even a if a person is in 5% tax slab, he looses 5% of interest earned on deposits. We are crying, if interests are reduced by 0.5% to 1% or 2%. But 5% to 30% of that interest earned is given to Govt in the form of tax.

People with medium income only invest in FDs to protect their money against rupee devaluation because of inflation. This income group can't afford to take the risk of investing  in other forms and loose money on some occasions.

Please sign this petition  requesting  Finance Minister and Prime Minister - Govt of India to abolish income tax on interest earned on FDs in Banks. It saves hard earned money of lakhs of people of India and thus protects their  financial interest.