Reduce Credit Card Interest rate during moratorium

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This is this first time I am writing something, and I believe this needs attention and most of you reading this article, are going through this problem right now.

During the tough times of COVID-19, we the middle class tax paying population who are the most extensive users of Credit cards have to still pay the interest rate to credit cards companies, when  most of us have already lost our jobs, and the situation is only getting worse.

We have been given a moratorium for 3 months, but is it really helping? As we still have to pay the interest rate as high as 40-50% annually. As a middle class population of the country, I request you all to sign this petition so the interest rate during the moratorium can be reduced. 

The FM and the RBI should look into this and change the interest rate during the moratorium to around 10-18% annually, we are not asking for a waiver yet we are just asking for reduced rates.

 The common man never gets any direct benefit from any package given, but I believe the time has come when  we all stand up now and ask for it. As always its only the common middle class tax paying population getting ignored and getting nothing.

If you believe in this please do sign this and together we can make a change which should help the common middle class TAX PAYING population which is us.