Updation of pension of Bank retirees

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Pay of bank personnel are revised every five years in bipartite settlement. And so far 10 bipartite settlements are signed between Indian banks association and bank unions.However pension is not revised to bank retirees as per revised scales of pay in the bipartite settlements.I understand only once pension updation is given and later on it is not considered for the reasons only known to IBA. At present the reason offererred that there is no profitability  with the bankers hence they are not in a position to revise pension{Updation pension}.This is not true. Pension is given from the pension fund  contributed by the retirees themselves during their active service. There is a huge pension fund with nationalised banks which I understand is around two lakh crores (2,00,000/=)at present.When such is the case only interest accrued on the pension fund is more than suffecient to cover the pension requirement such as payment of  regular pension and also updation when ever there is a revision in pay every bipartite settlements. Now I request Madam Nirmala Seetharaman the honourable finance minister of India to look into the matter and give justice to bank retirees which the indian banks associatiion is denying willfully the genuine and rightfull  needs of the retirees .The honourable supreeme court had given judgement that pension and updation sre deferred wages and not a bounty and the managements are bound to pay them and not linked to profitability in terms of judgement In D.S.Nakra case in June 2015.  So I plead the finance minister to interven and advise the IBA to consider the pension updation to retirees.