Appeal to amend IT rules for seafarers for NRI status

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The present rules applicable for an Indian seafarer who works on a foreign flag shipship is based on entries on seaman book, dictating 184 days requirement in any financial year, to qualify as NRI and entitle tax exemption.  The entries on passport is said to be  irrelevant even if the seafarer stays overseas for the time falling short, on board service.

This seems very unreasonable, when a seafarer has to pay tax in India, even if he has worked on a foreign flag ship for five months.

In present days employment for seafarers is hard, hence, prolonged service on foreign flag ships is also not available to fulfill entries of service on seaman book to comply with 184 days requirement of IT rules.

This petition aims to seek exemption of tax  for seafarers' on salary income during service on foreign ships, however short may be their service duration during the financial year.

This would greatly help Indian seafarers to conserve their earnings, working on main fleet ships as well as employment in the offshore industry, overseas.

It must be borne in mind that seafarers' employment being generally contractual in nature, they don't stand the advantage of old age pension benefits, and left on their own savings made while working on ships.

We request the Finance Minister to favourably pass orders to exempt Indian seafarer from paying tax on their earnings abroad, regardless of number of days of service during a financial year.