Finance Minister: Announce Immediate Relief Packages For Musicians #IndiaForIndie

Finance Minister: Announce Immediate Relief Packages For Musicians #IndiaForIndie

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I am a musician and I have dedicated my life to my profession. But today I am here to ask you a question. 
How many of you were able to survive the lockdown because of music?

In sadness or happiness, for motivation or peace, even in most difficult times, we tend to hum a song. 

But, do you ever think about how the people behind your favorite song are surviving during this difficult time?

No one thinks about a freelance independent musician, a sound engineer, a lyricist or a singer. There is no representative body that can put forth our misery and demands. 

The pandemic has led to the cancellation of multiple concerts and musical productions and those who made music to brighten up our days have no source of income left. 

The film industry, artisans, factory workers, business people, all have representatives highlighting their problems. Except us. We musicians have no one to turn to. We don’t find mention in relief packages or support schemes. 

This is because there is no recognized Music Industry. We are simply seen as a part of the film industry. The independent and folk musicians don’t know where to go and whom to turn to. 

I have mentioned this so many times but amidst the concerts and shows, we never got time to find solidarities. Even in these times, we have created music for our healthcare workers and for the motivation of the country. 

But, hopefully, this difficult time will help our word reach each one of you. Please ask the government to recognize us and do the following:

  • Announce immediate relief packages for singers, songwriters, musicians, engineers and others from the music industry. 
  • Create a recognized body for the Music Industry that takes care of the issues pertaining to people employed in the field.  

We pay as much indirect and direct taxes as any other industry. If the government can organize tax collections, why can't it organize tax benefits and disbursals for us? 

Iam doing my bit by starting this petition. Please sign my petition and support this cause like you have supported our music. 

We have entertained you, now we ask you to amplify our voices. May this petition see as much crowd and support as our concerts.

Sign this petition on loop!
Dr. Palash Sen
Jai Hind.