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Final Balance Patch and/or Title Update Mortal Kombat (9) 2011

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We the people of the Mortal Kombat Community, the Fighting Game Community, and casual gamers around the world want Netherrealm Studios to continue to support Mortal Kombat (9) 2011. This continued support that we demand will be exercised by Netherrealm Studios through final balance patching and/or title updating the Mortal Kombat (9) 2011 game.

It is understood, that by us signing this petition, we are making our voices/statements heard by Netherrealm Studios - that we want the following for Mortal Kombat (9) 2011 to be changed, fixed, addressed, and etc.:

- Overall character balance to be fixed and updated (example: buffing weaker characters and adjusting attacks/special moves the stronger characters have. We also are asking that Netherrealm Studios reach out to players in the competitive scene for advance suggestions on final character balancing)

- Universal system mechanics to be reevaluated (example: wake up attack system addressed, wake up moves having slightly less invincibility than before. every character having an armored enhanced move. block stun to be adjusted)

- Any glitches that are in Netherrealm Studios' power that CAN be fixed to be addressed (example: having random advantage after blocked attacks fixed, meter drain glitch removed, inputs for crouching attacks made more strict so standing attacks won't happen on accident, stage lag/slow downs on stages like "Hell" and "Rooftop Day" to be fixed)

- Online netcode for Mortal Kombat (9) 2011 to be reconfigured and servers adjusted/updated for more fluid online netplay addressed

- All said changes (especially character balancing) above are to universal on BOTH console version of Mortal Kombat (9) 2011 AND the Playstation Vita version as well.

We the gamers who continue to play Mortal Kombat (9) 2011, regardless of level competitiveness, want nothing more but to see this game stay alive and fresh. We want to continue to support this game in any way we can (especially in our competitive tournament scene). This signed petition shows how much of a passionate demand there truly is for a fixed, updated, and finalized version Mortal Kombat (9) 2011. We feel we deserve it! We have been being loyal fans of the Mortal Kombat franchise for over 20+ years. WE NEED IT!

We sincerely hope this petition reaches the hearts of Ed Boon, Hector Sanchez, Paulo Garcia, and everyone else at Netherrealm Studios. And our demands will be addressed and carried out soon with an updated and fixed version of Mortal Kombat (9) 2011.

(Petition originally written by AU_IM_DIGIMON.)

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