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Fillmore Jazz District for Musicians

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Currently many  music clubs/restaurants receive subsidized loans, grants, tax right offs and money from the city to revitalize the Fillmore "Jazz District" but the plain and honest truth is that many of these places fail to pay the local musicians an honest wage.  

With the rising costs of gas, equipment upkeep, and other expenditures, it is extremely disrespectful towards musicians to lower than their worth while continuing to accept money and benefits from city redevelopment funds dedicated to preserving a Jazz district.

In short, the Jazz musicians who are essential to the success of the Jazz District are not being supported.

The City of San Francisco should require all commercial establishments that want to benefit from government subsidies under the jazz district redevelopment plan to pay musicians that work at their establishments:

1) a $50 base salary for one hour of service with a $25 incremental increase for each additional hour.

          Example: a two hour gig for a trio would cost $75.00 per musician, for a total of $225.00

2) a minimum wage of $100 per musician and free meal for a 3 hour gig

The Fillmore has a rich history and cultural background.  Once refereed to as the Harlem of the West, the Fillmore provided people with great music, art and cultural importance and it has survived the exploitative policies of urban renewal.

Allow San Francisco's rich musical community to support the Fillmore Jazz District by requiring that owners pay their fair share.


(If you are a working musician yourself please list the instrument(s) you play and how long you have been playing professionally.)

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