Filipinos unite to support for the Filipino Farmers

Filipinos unite to support for the Filipino Farmers

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THE SCARECROW PH started this petition to Congress (Senate and House of Representatives) and

Let us unite for the Filipino farmers and fisherfolks!

4 Reasons why you need to sign this petition

1. You care for the hands that till the land, plant the seeds and harvest produce despite the many challenges just to make sure you have food to feed you and your family.
2. You care and support the rice farmers whose livelihood has been severely damaged by Rice Tariffication law and COVID 19. The rice farmers who are left with no choice but to ask his children to stop going to school for a while until they earn enough money again to make ends meet. 
3. You are in solidarity with the poor coconut farmers who have been waiting for a long time for the coco levy funds.

4. You care for vegetable farmers who despite the challenges of not being able to sell their produce still continue to farm and provide nutritious food for our children, our family. 

No one should be left poor and hungry, most especially our food producers, our farmers and fisherfolks.

In 2018, there are 2.4 million poor Filipino farmers. According to the Philippine Statistics Authority Farmers and Fisherfolks are the poorest among the 14 basic sectors. They posted the highest poverty incidence in 2015 and 2018. These are families whose income falls below the poverty threshold. (Poverty among the basic sectors, PSA 2020)

The Scarecrow and Project Pagsibol call for the government to ensure and prioritize the welfare of the Filipino farmers by enacting a budget that will not only focus on growth and productivity but will also offer social protection and sustainable solutions to eradicate our farmers from poverty and make it the core of their effort to “Reset, Rebound, and Recover: Investing for Resiliency and Sustainability”. "Global evidence demonstrates an increase in resilience to shocks and improvement in food security and nutrition when social protection and agricultural interventions are systematically combined." (Seeking greater coherence between agriculture and social protection in the Philippines, 2019)

Before the COVID Crisis, Filipino farmers, especially the marginalized ones, have a long list of challenges and burdens they face every day. This list includes high input cost but low income, unfair pricing of goods such as palay, lack of access to better social services, capital, secured land, and appropriate farm technologies. Furthermore, most of them are vulnerable to climate change and its damaging impacts such as drought and strong typhoons.

The farmers have proven that they are the backbone of our economy. In this crisis we are experiencing right now, the importance of Filipino farmers in our lives has never been clearer. Despite the challenges, they continue to work not just to our economy but to our survival altogether. The fight against COVID will not be successful if there is no food security in our country. We are surviving because of the continuous effort of our farmers to provide food for every Filipino. 

Now is a good opportunity to give back and express our solidarity to the hands that plant and provide food for our tables. We need to offer and suggest solutions together.  Now is the  best time to call our government officials, agencies, lawmakers and our fellow Filipino consumers to address the underlying issues our farmers are experiencing, with a health crisis or without. 

The Scarecrow and Project Pagsibol together with the Filipino consumers call on the government to lay out and implement coherent and sustainable plans to help the farmers overcome rural poverty and ensure food security through a combined and harmonious effort in addressing their problems. Legislate and enact a budget and policy that are responsive to the needs of the Filipino Farmers and Fisherfolks.  

We unite to specifically call for the following interventions: 

1. Design and tailor appropriate support that links existing cash transfers with the protection and production of poor, smallholder farmers and fisherfolk households
2.Provide psychosocial support and improve agricultural extension services to rural communities
3. Facilitate access to agricultural insurance for small farmers
Provide alternative livelihood options to seasonal farm workers whose income are irregular and who are vulnerable to shocks
4. Ensure fair pricing of goods
5. Facilitate and fast-track land distribution to qualified farmer-beneficiaries
6.Address the negative effects of Rice Tariffication Law on the Filipino farmers
7. Provide adequate, accessible, and equitable subsidy for all such as cash transfers 
8. Introduce and capacitate the farmers about the new agricultural technologies, especially sustainable and climate-resilient agri-technologies to all farmers.

We need to value and respect our farmers the same way we value our food and nutrition. Sign and share this petition to your friends and families in different social media platforms. Now is the time to unite for our farmers, the Filipino farmers.



0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!