Stop Manipulating people. Stop The Deception. The Filipinos are not fools!

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Filipinos are being manipulated by fake news circulation and making the situation much worse right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

What needs to be done is to shutdown ABS-CBN due to its political biases, stop fooling people and brainwashing the nation via their fake news and their own political agenda. This clearly shows that they are abusing their powers to spread misinformation, in order for us to be divided and fight each other in this time of crisis. 

"ABS-CBN, don't wash your hands clean while we are dealing with COVID-19 pandemic. The commodities you are trying to give is not pulled under your pockets. It's the donation you get from seeking from other local companies / organization. Do not evade your lawsuit and “judicial compromise amount” of P152.4 million form Bureau of Internal Revenue. You are the virus. Even terrible than this pandemic we currently face, spreading lies to everyone killing the Filipinos day by day."

To my fellow Filipino people, we need your support to stop this madness. What we need is UNITY of our fellow filipinos right now and stand for what is best for our country to survive this national emergency but this known TV station / network is influencing our their actors/actresses and even our people with twisted headlines and contents to deceive us.

This Evil media corporation is wicked to the core. It must go down along with the COVID-19 virus.



By the Filipino who cares about this nation