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18 Million Signatures a PLEA for Pres. Rodrigo Duterte's Peaceful Resignation and Removal

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Ferdinand Marcos, a former Philippine President who is also known as plunderer and former dictator. Under his command and in his regime, the Philippines suffered casualties (according to local and international news), because anyone who is against the Marcoses, and his minions, that time were tortured and brutally killed (according to Martial Law victims).

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Now, President Rodrigo Duterte allowed and supported the burial of the former dictator, Ferdinand Marcos in the National Hero's Cemetery (Philippines).

President Duterte also has a group who had given their wholehearted support despite the fact that he promotes bloodshed on the streets (according to his TV interviews caught by international press/media), accompanied with his cruel tongue (as seen on the news today, which is also being viewed as his style of talking), to rid off evil doers. But the fact is, this is not true justice. We want to get rid of criminals but we also want justice to be served to the real criminals, not someone who they pick off the streets and pin the crime to.

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Facts have been presented and available through social media (and news both local and international), especially Facebook about the squabble between who is yellow or who supports the current president. This is not a good representation of the true Filipino spirit. We need to sort out that there should be no sides at all but only the sides of either: TRUTH or FALSEHOOD. The Philippines should decide for themselves what is really the TRUTH behind the mess in our government and in our society.

We keep on arguing with each other here in the Philippines but the only thing that would settle this is a real unbiased vote. We need to know what is the real score behind the arguments, behind the biases, behind the messed up society today.

We can't fight the Supreme Court's judgement to let a former dictator be laid to rest at the National Hero's Cemetery in the Philippines (Libingan ng mga Bayani sa Pilipinas). But we can show if the Philippines is still 'worth dying for' by the heroes of this land, like those that risked their lives for our freedom from bondage, from cruelty, from injustices and all unlawful acts of those power hungry politicians, judiciary and all people who had been blinded by uncalled for anger and biased opinions of the crowd.

I urge, all Filipino people to please sign this petition in the hopes of getting the truth to come out of whether or not President Duterte should remain in power.

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