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Filipino gays / homosexual / LGBT community: Pass the Anti-Discrimination Bill supporting Gay Rights (Senate Bill 2814)

The Anti-Discrimination Bill, which provides the Filipino LGBT community the rights they deserve, is still on-hold and the Catholic Church strictly opposes the inclusion of the Filipino gays in the said bill.

The Catholic Church refuses that the bill be passed if gay rights are included.

Do not let this stop the passing of the Anti-Discrimination Bill.

And do not let the Philippine government pass the bill without including the rights for the Filipino gay people.

YAY GAY aims to fight for the rights of the LGBT community in the Philippines because equality has no exceptions and discrimination should not be tolerated. Everyone of us as human beings have rights regardless of one's sex/gender

YAY GAY: We say gay is more than O.K.! Celebrating the gay community in the Philippines.

It is now working on the passing of the Anti-Discrimination bill to further support gay rights in the Philippines

WHITE being the color of peace and freedom is worn by Yay Gay's supporters with pride to show the fight against anti-discrimination and to express what they cannot through our campaign in promoting and celebrating the gay community in the Philippines

Yay Gay circulates around Metro Manila, photographing supporters and all those who would like to participate in the cause

For updates on our event schedule, follow us on Facebook at

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    Filipino gays / homosexual / LGBT community

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