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Fire Corporal Tarek Hassani

I am horrified at the actions of Corporal Tarek Hassani. The dog that he shot was not showing ANY more aggression that any dog protecting his home. There is also no doubt that him getting out of the car and kicking at the dog did nothing but agitate this dog further. There were no bared teeth or any other signs that this dog would attack. This could have been handled in many ways, one of which would have been to call animal control and have them handle the dog. I can't fathom this man defending anyone from a human in the act of committing a crime, if he can't handle a dog. This is unacceptable behavior for a "Peace" officer. This isn't the first time that he has drawn his weapon when unnecessary and I don't believe he is of sound enough mind to protect anyone. 

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  • Filer Police Department
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