Keep Human Rights Abuser Qiliho Out Of UK

Keep Human Rights Abuser Qiliho Out Of UK

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In 2006, Fiji military overthrew a democratically elected multi-party government resulting in a wave of arrests, beatings, violence, torture and human right abuses of opponents who protested against the coup.Brigadier Sitiveni Qiliho, promoted to the brigadier rank and made Land Force commander, became the Royal Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) most notorious perpetrators of human rights violations.

Amnesty International report will attest to the claims. A leading Fijian professor residing in Australia describes how Qiliho tortured him at the barracks:

“He (Qiliho) covered my face with his spitting and slapped me around to the point of breaking my glasses. He told me that if I did not leave by the first flight the next day (to Australia) my family would have to fetch my body from the morgue.’

There are a host of other documented evidence against him and the abuses he perpetrated against his opponents. In 2015, Australian government intervened and denied him a visa to study for a year at the Australian Command and Staff College in Canberra.

He then became Police Commissioner, appointed by military strongman and prime minister Frank Bainimarama, and has continued to abuse the regime’s opponents.

Now, he has disclosed that he is shortly coming up to London to take up a study at the prestigious British military academy, the Royal College of Defence Studies.

We urge his offer to study to be rescinded and he be informed that like Australia, the Royal College of Defence Studies is no longer welcoming a prominent human rights abuser to their London study academy.