Save the Coral Reefs in Fiji!

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     We started this petition in hopes to protect the beautiful coral reefs surrounding the Fijian islands. As issues such as climate change, coral bleaching, and water pollution have caused the coral within the waters surrounding Fiji to slowly die, we hope to reverse its effects. To do so we are starting this petition as a promise to plant, and replace coral where it is being killed. Your signature, and a modest donation can help make a huge difference in our world and especially the aquatic ecosystems of the South Pacific!

     The dying of coral has become a major threatening issue to species within aquatic ecosystems, and those environments as a whole. Sea creatures like sharks, fish, eels, starfish, and many more use coral reefs as a home in which they can live and thrive. When coral in those ecosystems begin to die, species are no longer able to inhabit, and are susceptible to surrounding threats. If smaller fish and other species cannot use the coral reefs to live and hide in, predators can access them easily. With this happening it puts those ecosystems at risk, a risk of species becoming threatened and an imbalance in their food chain. Possibly leading to extinction of species. Evidently, It is extremely crucial we protect and re plant our coral surrounding Fiji. Not only to save those ecosystems, but give us as humans the opportunity to see the beauty and magnificent colours of Fiji's coral reefs. 

     Coral planting and restoration is the cycle where coral is nursed back to life. This is done by coral farming, which is the process of taking damaged coral fragments from coral reefs and raising them back to maturity. Once this is done the healthy coral is replaced back into the ocean in a area where it will be able to thrive and allow the ecosystem around it to be sustainable as well. By coral being replenished this will not only help the ecosystem but will help everyone around it. In a place like Fiji a main food source is fish, and without a healthy coral system there can not be a sustainable food chain, resulting in less fish to feed families all around Fiji. This could also affect the Fijians as many people rely on selling fish to make their money and without fish they have no steady source of income.