FIJI - Religious Sacrilege must be deemed a Serious Offense by Law that carries Jail Term

FIJI - Religious Sacrilege must be deemed a Serious Offense by Law that carries Jail Term

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Neel Sharma started this petition to FIJI GOVERNMENT and

Religious Sacrilege in Fiji occurs way too frequently against hindus and it has now become expected for the Hindus in Fiji to just accept it and pretend it does not hurt, pretend it is not extremely insulting and pretend that it does not cause long lasting trauma that affect so much of their lives daily.

In September 2021 Pastor Rajesh Goundar of El-Shaddai Assemblies of God Church in Lautoka, Fiji Islands decided to vandalize and destroy an Idol of A Hindu Deity Popularly known as "Shree Hanuman" using a sledge hammer which appeared to have full intent of causing maximum hurt to the sentiments of Hindus in Fiji and at the same time inciting and provoking the Hindus. A comment on this Pastors Facebook page was put up by him making a statement that lets see who can do anything to me. I dare anyone and everyone. This post has been removed since and an apology via news media was offered by the Pastor after being put under a lot of pressure by other Church Leaders and Organizations.

By the constitution, Fiji is a secular state and everyone has the freedom to follow and practice their own religion. Yet in Fiji Hindus have forever had to tolerate sacrilege of their places of Worship, Temples and more. This is not the first case but it is the first that has been captured on a Phone Video Camera and the video has gone viral since. Here is a link to the insulting vandalizing that took place:

In this video one can hear a family who are neighbors and who were able to capture this being hurt to the point where they are crying. And it is not just them but many Hindus in Fiji and across the Globe share the same feelings and have felt extremely hurt, extremely humiliated and insulted. Worst part is to-date there has been no action taken by the Fiji Police Force nor the Fiji Human Rights Anti Discrimination Commission or the Fijian Government.

To the readers of this petition - who do we turn to, where do we go? Who will hear us out and who will get us justice as well as protection so that nothing of this nature ever repeats itself going forward?

Fiji Hindus are already targeted daily by hook or crook for conversion to other Religions. Our people have been victims for as long as one can imagine and we continue to be victimized daily. When will the Fijian Law pass legislation that offer protection to the Hindus amongst other Minorities who may be suffering the same or worse.

The constant and continuous destruction of our Temples, Our Religious Idols, Our Religious Artifacts, our Religious Texts and Manuscripts that have survived and passed down for many generations have been part of Sanatan Dharam ( Hinduism ) for even longer then our existence in Fiji. These are being destroyed and so much of my people's rich culture and heritage are being lost each day.

If one wishes to change their faith, that is a personal choice but does that need to include acts of Sacrilege, insult, hurting of sentiments of others and destroying of artifacts that hold timeless and priceless memories. Many Converts have been subjected to carry out extreme insults to be unleashed against Hindus and Hinduism as part of the Conversion process and are often bombarded with so much threats that even if they wish to return back to their origins, they are in fear of reprisals and hence continue on.

Such acts need to be condemned and help should be available under specific law that prohibits such act and punishment to be no less then Jail Term if acts like these are to be deterred.

There is always that "Question" - why can't everyone live in peace as they are? Why does one need to be conned out of their birth way of life, their religion and everything that was followed by their ancestors for hundreds and thousands of generations peacefully? What kind of Religion preaches to destroy, hurt and insult other way of living especially if it is not causing any harm to anyone what so ever?

For as long as my people and my ancestors have been in Fiji, we have endured a lot and history holds volumes on a suffering to-date. To give us basic respect and to give us recognition to live and practice our way of life that does not interfere with others nor imposes itself on others in Fiji - is this too much to ask for? Why do my people always have to be the Victims and why do the rest of the World sit and watch it unfold without even flinching an eye lid?

Fiji should have laws that protect everyone not just Hindus so that everyone can feel safe and secure themselves. Everyone on the Planet knows that only way to be heard is in NUMBERS. You do not have to be a Hindu to sign this petition and you do not need to reside in Fiji to show your support by signing this. All you have to do is believe in Human Rights.

This Petition is not one persons. It is everyone's who have signed it.

In unity we would like to take this Petition to the Fijian Government, Fiji Police Force and Fiji Human Rights and Anti Discrimination Commission and show them that it is not just us that have been hurt by recent acts of Sacrilege and extreme insult by a Pastor Rajesh Goundar and many before him but around the globe many do not support such derogatory, insulting, hurtful and belittling behavior by a Pastor or by anyone else for that matter that cause extreme pain and hurt to anyone's sentiments.

This is not just for now but to also safeguard interests of those after us when we are long gone.

Today its us Hindus in Fiji and tomorrow it could be you.

Would you not like to help?

It does not cost money and where suggestion comes up for funds you can choose to share it as opposed to contribute funds.

Please do not just SIGN but SHARE as well. Copy the Link and forward it via Facebook, Text Messages, Whatsapp, Viber, Emails and any other Social Media Apps.

When Signing, if you can leave a comment so that the Government of Fiji can also understand how the those Signing feel as well.

Hindus in Fiji have been targeted and have been victims for way too long and a change is needed.

Your Signature on this Petition can help to make this happen.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!