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Fight the ban on internet knife sales before it is too late!

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This petition's objective is to respond to Government officials like Zac Goldsmith, trading standards and numerous media reports, who are calling for a blanket ban on the sale of knives over the internet. Our priority is to send a clear message, that knives are not weapons, that objects do not cause murders, that we do not accept the government's "Treat the symptom not the cause" policy, and their inability to address the core of the problem.

I am a self employed Blacksmith and Bladesmith, with a passion for heritage crafts, history, and the freedoms we still enjoy in the UK. I used a knife often as a boy, building dens, whittling sticks, and other boyish activities. My father took knives with him to boarding school, and wore them on his belt. Nobody at his school ever got stabbed. Nobody thought about using them to injure or kill their classmates.

For too long now, media articles and newspapers have been escalating the level of fear being felt about inanimate objects (knives), using words such as "terrifying" "Frightening" and other emotionally provocative language.

This is the core of a deception being played out upon the British public of giant proportions; Knives Do Not kill people... People kill people. We call them "Offensive weapons," Offensive by definition means an attack. Knives do not attack humans of their own volition. It is the individual's intent to use the item as a deadly weapon or to kill that is the problem, and banning knives is not going to make that go away. A Brick can be just as effective. 

People have been so lured in by this propaganda, so led into feelings of fear and terror that they have taken to the streets with banners that read "Hand in your knife- save a life." In countries where knives are legal to carry they would tell you that knives can save lives. 

It is not hard to see that the knife is the new scapegoat for an ongoing refusal to face humanity's shadow. says in their article on trading standard's proposed knife ban;

"Brandon Cook, the Institute’s spokesman on age-restricted selling, said: “It is frightening a boy of my son’s age is able to purchase these items so easily."

There is that word, "Frightening." We might ask what is Brandon afraid his son might do? Has he not taught him the value of life, or how to use a knife responsibly? 

Sky News's Article on Knife crime blamed on internet sales reads;

"Commander Duncan Ball, Scotland Yard's head of combating gang crime, told Sky News that lethal blades are easily available to buy on various websites and at independent shops."

The Telegraph's article on knives being bought online by teenagers reads;

"A spokesman for MarkMonitor said: "It is becoming increasingly easy to purchase deadly weapons online at a fraction of the retail price, often with no regulations controlling who is purchasing them and why."

The Independent's Article on the Ban of "Lethal Zombie Killer" Knives says;

"A terrifying new class of knife is widely available on the internet from UK retailers."

 "Deadly Weapons", "Lethal" Blades... "Terrifying", Why are they purchasing them? Again a picture is being painted of knives as nothing more than murderous objects.

Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat leader in the London Assembly, said:

"“The sale of so called zombie and long-bladed knives has no practical purpose other than the pursuit of violence. A complete prohibition on their sale could not come sooner.”

So Long bladed knives have no practical purpose?'s article on "Save a life, surrender your knife", reads;

"The new “Save a Life – Surrender Your Knife” program is in full swing and police are telling us that they have joined forces with an already growing trend in the United Kingdom to ban “pointy” knives."

This is a great example of how ill informed and badly thought out these drives for blanket bans are- "Pointy Knives"... The only knife I have seen without a point was one intended for use in a rubber dinghy. 

Sigmund Freud once said that "A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity." 

The people calling for the ban on online knife sales seem afraid of what they might do if they had one in their possession. I find that extremely worrying. I have no thoughts of harming others when I handle a knife. I truly believe that people with malicious intent will find a way to cause injury no matter what is banned. 

The Ban and the constant biassed and inflammatory media articles threaten to put many small business owners, Heritage craftsmen, Cutlers and Bladesmiths, out of business.  We are going to lose our heritage and our remaining freedoms if we do not do something. 

Please sign the petition.

Philip Brown, Blacksmith.


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