RoadWideningToAvoid-HorribleTrafficConditionsIn PanathurVillage,MahadevpuraZoneWard #149

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All the Citizens and Kids struggling to commute every day in this road..

We have 30 apartments and 3 villas, only one apartment Shoba Dream Accers  has 7000 flats out of which 4000 are ready and 3000+ occupied. Taken a Survey there are totally 25000 people moved in to this area in last 2+ years but no basic requirements available.  

Few more reasons are as below ,which we shared to govt authorities but no concrete response.


1. Several new Apartment units in the form of small and medium apartment complex have been LEGALLY permitted by BBMP and builders have CONSTRUCTED the residential projects and owners have occupied those in last few years and lot is in progress at this moment of time.
2. All legal BBMP tax payers living in these apartments need a FREE passage to go to work and come home in the evening.
3. The narrow passage (someone call it private road as well? I am not sure if it correct in legal records) in Panathur Village is the MOST CHALLENGING STRUGGLE every commuter on this stretch of road under the railway duct is facing DAILY at least, two times.
4. The political mapping of this area is also worth to mention that two major national opposition parties are having their own stakes as well.
5. The local Councillor has limited power to spend some kind of available funds to maintain or repair or so. However, the major settlement is not in her jurisdiction either. BBMP and Bangalore Development authority etc.need to intervene.
6. The other lobby is of private builders and those who are having big parcels of land etc.
7. If someone ask "Brand Bangalore" in international perspective than this site is the perfect example to showcase of ground realities of this city and area. No more MG Road comes into real picture in ground reality.
8. Through statistically, almost more than 25000 people pass through and spend average 1.5 hours, that is 37500 hours are wasted here every day. These COMMUTERS are not ordinary people they are the brain who earn revenue for this entire state.
9. If you waste that much RESOURCES, while just waiting to pass exactly 200 m of stretch. IS IT FAIR?
10. What dream this city may have for people like myself, who made this area as home. What mistake we/they did to decide to live in this area and not having a free and safe road to use.
11. If there is an emergency NO VEHICLE, including Ambulance can pass through. There is no alternative as well. ONLY AND ONLY passage to go through is this narrow stretch.
12. The other unfortunate or fortunate element of this area is that it contains good quality of underground water and a huge supply of water is being pumped from this area and transported in other parts of the city by WATER TANKERS. These water tankers are not small in numbers, you can see at a least 20 water tankers present at any time on the entire road between Varthur and Kadubeesanhalli at any point of day. Even the night time is traffic jam due to these so many tankers. They are almost 60% of entire traffic. The minimum speed they drive is 100 km/hours. How safe someone is if hit by theses heavy vehicles. Moreover, there is few street lights to lit the road.
13. Traffic lights (total 3 poles) have been installed with approved permission from BBMP by some local social leader, living in Balagere Village and there TRAFFIC lights are not HOOKED up for BESCOM power. These Traffic Lights comes under NO ONE. The close boundary is HAL Traffic Police Station. They don't want to include these in Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) of other existing lights.
14. Right now, a private security is controlling the traffic and lot of PEOPLE don't obey/follow their instructions at all since, private security don't have any legal power to challaan anyone. So every day is all mess. A great mess you can think off.


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 Even though there are temporary repairs on this stretch, the quality of repairs carried out is too low and making it worse to live there.

 Finally, civic works begin on Panathur-Belagere Road

 People plying in this area are becoming restless and physically assaulting private security deployed to manage traffic

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