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Moose in northern states are stressed and dying from ticks, brainworms, and liver flukes--all on the rise due to shorter winters caused by climate change. When there is less snow on the ground by spring, the harmful pests live longer and reproduce in greater numbers--threatening the health and survival of moose.

Even as moose die from impacts of climate change, greedy corporate polluters are fighting to continue dumping unlimited smokestack pollution into our air.

The Environmental Protection Agency is acting now to limit carbon pollution from existing coal-fired power plants, but is coming under assault from polluter-funded attack groups. They need to hear from you that Americans support limits on carbon pollution to protect the future of moose and other wildlife at risk from global warming.

Help create a better future for moose by sending a message to the Environmental Protection Agency in support of limits to carbon pollution from existing coal-burning power plants.

Letter to
Environmental Protection Agency
Thank you for proposing limits to industrial carbon pollution from existing power plants. I strongly support the Environmental Protection Agency's action on climate change.

We have an obligation to protect wildlife and future generations from climate change by addressing its causes and impacts including carbon pollution from power plants.

Power plants account for 40% of the carbon pollution in the United States, and while we currently have limits on arsenic, lead, soot and other pollution from power plants, there are no existing federal limits on carbon pollution.

Please move quickly on finalizing the new carbon pollution standards to ensure existing power plants can no longer dump unlimited amounts of carbon pollution into the air and stick to your commitment to cut the pollution from new plants that drives climate change.

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