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To stop police officers from killing family pets

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Stop police officers from killing family pets. 

Chooch's Story: A few days ago on May 8,2012, a Roselle police officer took it upon himself to end a life. Chooch, a 2 year old pit bull born on January 25, 2012, was killed because of a poor judgment call made by the police officer. 

Food had been ordered for dinner, when the doorbell rang it startled the dogs in the house. Two of the pit bulls started to get rough with one another. The fight actually got pretty heated. It was broken up by a family member. In the process that family member was bit by Chooch who had been startled. Not intentionally, on accident! Stepping in the middle of a fight between two dogs, no matter the breed, is dangerous. The paramedics were called to the scene and the Roselle police tagged along. When they arrived, the dogs were separated in order to calm them both. Having strangers come into a home can excite the dogs, which is exactly what happened. Chooch was in the kitchen with one of his owners. He was being kept down in an attempt to calm him and stop him from barking. He was just barking, nothing more, just as any dog does when the door bell rings or strangers come into their home. Chooch made no advance to attack the officers nor did he pose any sort of threat. He simply barked. One of the officers said he was "out of control". Following that, Chooch was then tasered 3 times. To tase a dog that was barking at a stranger is appalling. Also, take into consideration that Chooch was a 50lb pitbull being restrained by his owner and was tasered with a device that is normally used for humans. If a taser can kill a human, imagine what it did to a 50lb dog. When Chooch’s owner tried to help his dog the police officer threatened to taser him as well. Unfortunately for Chooch, his fate was left in the police officers hands. By the time the police got him to the vet he was already pronounced dead. How can a person who is in the line of duty to protect and serve take the life of a helpless animal? Please join us in the fight for justice for Chooch. He was a happy healthy dog that loved everyone and everything. Everyone that has ever encountered or met Chooch would agree that he was a great dog and did not fit the “Pit Bull” stereotype. 

Something needs to be done. Justice has to served!

This was a tagic event that could have been prevented had the officers responded properly to the situation. Chooch wasn't just "a dog" he was a part of a family. Not only was this a poor judgment call by the police officer, but also a hate crime against pit bulls, and an act of animal cruelty. 

The whole "hate all pit bulls/bully breeds" needs to STOP. ANY dog can be mean, or violent and it is the people that make them that way. People are prejudice against pitbulls because of other people’s wrong mistreatments of the breed.hal Story: A few days ago (May 8th, 2012) a Roselle police officers took it upon themselves to end a life. Chooch a 2-year-old (Jan 25th, 2010) pit bull was killed because of a poor judgment call. 

They are great dogs! Amazing! This was the dog that was in the movie the little rascals. This was the dog that was once, the face of the military! Don't judge what you don't know. Research & Ask before! 

Going on Status: As of right now (May 11th 2012) Choochs body is at the University of Illinois getting an autopsy to make sure 100% that is what killed him. Soon as we get him back he will be cremated and lay to rest. The police wont give me or anyone else besides a certified vet the police report and what taser was used.If anyone knows anyone that can get this story out and spread please do so, because this will not stop until it is heard. Please share his story! 


A "PITT WALK/ DOG WALK" is going to be held on July 21st, 2012 more details will be given out late on. 

Its time we start standing up for our dogs! Its time people stop hating our family members! 

Please spread this around to everyone you know. Pit bull owner or not. Animal lovers all around are welcome to join in and help!

*Also shirts and wristbands are in the process of being made* Please contact us if you would like one!

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