Fight Fast Fashion: Push for the Just Group to disclose lists of all its suppliers

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We want the Just Group and it’s brands (Just Jeans, Jay Jays, Dotti, Peter Alexander, etc.) to disclose lists of as many of its suppliers’ names and addresses as they can to the public, all the way through the supply chain, up to their garment factories. 

Why? Because we want more transparency and accountability in the fashion industry. By publically disclosing this information, we all can be better informed whether or not these companies are doing the right thing for the environment and the thousands of garment workers in developing countries. So that you, and the rest of the world can make sure the clothes we buy are ethical and sustainable, because fashion is not worth it at the cost of human life and a damaged Earth.

All over the world, hundred of garment workers are stuck in a cycle of poverty because they are not even paid a living wage. By publically disclosing its suppliers, the Just Group will be able to let the world know whether or not they are upholding the human rights of its workers. If they are not, this enables organisations like Fashion Revolution, Ethical Clothing Australia, Baptist World Aid, and the entire consumer population (us) to step in and put pressure on these companies to be ethical and sustainable. We are pro-fashion protesters, and we want to use fashion as a force for good!

So, stand up to fast fashion and sign our petition!