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Fight CPS and START FEDERAL MONITORING SYSTEM of State False Allegations of child Abuse and neglect

There exists no type of monitoring or federal system of proving that a state is wrong when parental rights are taken away from innocent parents nor is there any way to RIGHT the wrong once your child is "sent" to another state and clear your record and get your child back even if you were deprived of not only your family/child but also of your civil rights.  Why is this the case?  Why are there no changes in place to prevent this from happening or better yet CREATE a means of dealing with this?

Letter to
The President of the United States
Please me patient with me in hearing my three (3) examples of what I am going through being a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana yet having to have lived (and currently forced to reside) the last 5 or so years in the city and state of NEW YORK. I will first list a few details of my case, as it stands, in both New York and Louisiana:

MY NAME: Zelma R. Muhammad; mailing address only: 244 5th Avenue; M201; NY, NY 10001
MY SON's NAME: Dawud Zaid Abdul Shakur Roman

August 2004: Came to New York to visit my sister in Staten Island, NY on military base
Sept. 2004: According to New York State Law; I had to put my child in school even if
I was there for a visit (stayed longer than 30 days).
Dec. 2004: Incident occurred in public school- son was innocent and I was told I
must put him in special education.
Feb. 2005: Retaliation from public school were incident happened; took military
personal that I should not be living with my sister on military base.

Mar 2005: Had to go to a shelter in Bronx (151 151st Street); was determined
to settle incident at school but principal said he could not longer come
to school there and may press charges.

June 2005: Went to another shelter (Tier II) in Manhattan at 2720 Broadway in Volunteer
of America building. Another public school occurred at Bloomingdale school.
Child inflicted bodily harm on my son; alerted principal and nothing happened.

Sept 2005: I inquired about home schooling.

June 2006 : Got apartment at 2527 Prospect Avenue 2E; Bronx, NY; Neighbours bullied
my child; mixed building that was mostly Hispanics. Child was still attending school in manhattan but was told by principal to send him to school in his district. When I kept him in same school so he could complete a full term they retaliated and sent child protective services to my home. CPS worker said I had to send my child to school down the street but was told he must stay in special education ( I never knew NY Board of Educaion put him in this status).

Sept 2006: I was told by a CPS worker that someone in the building reported that
I was not sending my child to school and that I was an alcoholic, drug addict
and was beating him brutally. I agreed to be tested and worked with worker
to dispel the lies about me.

OCT. 26, 2006 At 11:00 pm late in the night; Four armed officers and two social workers came
and ripped my child from my arms with no warning, warrant or one mumbling word
as to why.

[ From this point on.......NOTHING WAS EVER DONE TO CLEAR MY NAME of all false allegations or have my child returned back to me permanently ]

May 2010: While in my therapist's office, We called the foster care agency, Catholic Home
Bureau-Guardian in Bronx on Grand Concourse and the worker's (Ms. Sterling)
supervisor (Ms. Tabiaz) angrily told us that she had nothing to do with the case
and to stop calling the agency.

JULY 1, 2010: Called home to my mother's home in Louisiana and my child answered the phone. I
had no idea what was going on. I was kept alienated from him since October 2006
in the city and state of New York and fought everyday to see him and get him back.

March 2011: Received letter from Bronx Family Court saying to come to a permanency hearing
on March 30, 2011.

Mar 30, 2011: Name, as always not on the docket. Went to clerk of court to see why. Clerk
said hearing was over. I asked for some sort of records or documentation of the
case and (as always) something in writing saying my rights was terminated. Clerk
finally gave me papers date May 2010 and stating that my rights had BEEN
terminated. " Why did I not know this nor get anything in the mail, email or
otherwise about this until this day ", I screamed and cried aloud. The clerk
said nothing.

April 2011: My child told me via phone that someone at his school in Louisiana, Park
Forest Middle school, "some girl stabbed me mama and I had to go to
the hospital to get stitches and the principal suspended both of us for 4 days".\
I emailed/called everyone that I could think us from the principal to the governor.
Someone from the LA Department of Education finally called but said since I
did not have custody of my son; I could not press charges for assault and battery
or do much else concerning this seriously grave incident.

[This is were the purpose of this letter begins]

I petition the readers of this petition, the citizens of the United States of America and the rest of the entire civilized world to hear me ....heed to my plea....heal my hurt, anguish and giving my child back to me....and RIGHT this horrific wrong that is not only happening to me and my child but is going on all over this country. GOOD, DECENT, INNOCENT families are being TOTALLY DESTROYED by CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICE and CHILD WELFARE AGENCIES. This should be and must be stopped. Once one state ILLEGALLY give fabricated lies and false allegations of child abuse and neglect, take away your parental rights and "ship" your child to another state; No one steps in to even 'challenge' these charges but just 'march to the music' and takes the word of that state ONLY. The other state says that they have no jurisdiction over the case and helps in the plot to keep you from your child. This is so sick and sad. This is a crime against humanity and should be stopped immediately. In the next part of my petition, I further explain the HORROR of my ordeal and how I am still kept COMPLETELY OUT OF MY CHILD"S LIFE.

Have you seen the movie, "The invasion of the body snatchers"? (read Example 1)
Do you know what 'SEQUESTERED' means? (read Example 2)
Can you smell an odor when you have been 'in it' for months and months? (read Example 3)

I list these examples because it is sometimes no way to adequately describe by fate in the city and state of New York in regards to them destroying my entire life and the lives of my family. Please help me alert the nation and the world of this 'abomination to God and disgrace to the human race as it attacks the sanctity of FAMILY' by signing my petition. More background information about this evil can be found at websites: ; Please do a little research on your own.....then sign my petition and join my fight against CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES and CHILD WELFARE AGENCIES for DESTROYING FAMILIES!!!!

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