Fight COVID 19: Full protective gears for all Doctors & Medical Staff Nationwide

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The Doctors & Medical Staff are the most essential soldiers in this World's battle with Novel Corona Virus - To contain & eradicate this threat is our priority. 

However, our soldiers are not getting their arsenal full to continue this battle. Hazmat Suits, N95 Masks, Headcap, Showcover are not available in most healthcare centres & hospitals in India. 

The Government is trying but we need assistance from every corner. Stop hoarding masks & sanitizers & come up with them if you have extra for our warriors in this battle.

A doctor's testimonial: 

Q. If China, Vietnam, Canada, S. Korea can, why can't we? 

A doctor's testimonials - "Torn raincoats, surgical gloves that have been repeatedly used before, masks that nowhere meet the standards prescribed by the WHO and evident gaps in the entire ‘PPE’ they are supposed to protect frontline workers against this pandemic. This is what we are getting for EMERGENCY DUTY in the name of PPE in our hospital. The MSVP has stated,” Dogs don’t need a mask. Why do you?” 

This is our fight against the pandemic. We only wish that we could have been actually fighting the disease and not the administration for our lives while we try to even save a few lives. Dear Government. Thank you for caring so much."

(Dr. S. Satpathy)

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