Fife Council: Revoke boarding kennel licence and stray dogs contract at Langdykes Kennels, (also claiming to be 'Fife Dog Pound'), Kennoway, KY8 5SQ

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Dear Jenny Gilruth MSP.

Fife council have continued to stick their heads in the sand and therefore condone the practices at this establishment. The council have refused to speak to witnesses  so it is now time to involve the Scottish Parliament.

After admitting to and being arrested and charged with dog theft, as well as other serious crimes and  there having been a number of dog deaths and neglect at the kennels by the owner, we feel attention must be drawn to the practices at this establishment.

Mistreats dogs left in care of the kennels including at least one rescue dog being starved.

Has admitted on social networking that she NEVER contacts the owners of dogs she scans and said "it is not my job, it's the owners job to contact me". Has denied to owners faces that she scanned a dog, despite the microchip company confirming to police she did. After being caught out she then dumped the dog on a busy Main Street in a town miles away, rather than tell the truth, putting the dogs life in danger. So even contacting her as she suggests makes no difference, she still will not return a dog to its owner.

We have staff testimony that there is a lack of infection control, where despite being told by veterinary surgeon to close the kennels due to a viral outbreak, the owner refused point blank to do so and kept accepting new dogs in. When staff implemented their own infection control the owner refused point blank to adhere to it, rendering it pointless. Has also withheld veterinary treatment until it is too late, resulting in a number of deaths.

Sadly, she was given (not won) the council stray dog contract due to no other kennels putting in for it. Fife council will use anywhere, regardless of conditions, as by law they must provide somewhere for 7 days. They have refused point blank to use kennels outwith the area, claiming ‘dogs would be in a van all day’. Wouldn’t they be better in an air conditioned van than be abused at this hell hole, with very little chance of being returned to their owners?

Forced a 6-7 week pregnant bitch to abort her puppies against veterinary advice. Confirmed by staff, 2 vets and an sspca inspector.

Unsecure kennelling allowed a dog to climb into adjoining kennel and attack a boarder. The owners were never told and we have an admission in writing from the kennels owner that she covered this up.

Blatantly lies to authorities about cruel practices at the kennels.  Has lied and made staff lie under police caution. Has made regular false allegations to police and attempted to pervert the course of justice on numerous occasions.

Regularly goes away and leaves no overnight cover at the premises. Despite council spot checks giving a list and 'time' (why?) to carry out improvements has not carried out the repairs requested - ever! In an effort to confuse the authorities, regularly changes the boarding licence, in and out of other peoples names.

Has fraudulently claimed housing benefit and job seekers allowance.

A pathological liar, she has made stories up about every single witness who has come forward and sent malicious emails out about them. Is not adverse to using blackmail & threats (even towards an 11 yr old child) to intimidate people into carrying out her bidding. Has created over 22 false profiles on Facebook to cyberstalk and make serious false allegations about people.

She has been charged several times under the telecommunications act for sending abusive messages to people. Fife council have even allowed her use their Facebook page to be abusive to people.

Unable to deny or justify her activities, she instead attempts to deflect attention away from herself by falsely accusing others of crimes she herself is guilty of.

Why would FOUR dog rescue organisations, SIX ex members of staff & one current member of staff, her neighbours, TWO vets and countless dog owners all be lying about this one woman? How can we ALL be wrong?

This woman should no longer be able to run a boarding kennel establishment or hold a stray dogs contract with the council and we demand that the licence & stray contract for these kennels be at the very least suspended, pending a full investigation.

If the proprietor of said establishment disputes any of the above we hereby invite her to press charges and challenge us  in a court of law.