Stop Corruption in Tunisian Football

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We are the supporters of football association clubs in Tunisia, been suffering for years and years the unfairness of the game in our country.

The corruption in the Tunisian football is unimaginable, especially among the referees and the Tunisian Football Federation's administration.

In all the different leagues, referees are known for their lack of professionalism and recurring mistakes, which is affecting the standings of the clubs.

Also the referees are known for accepting bribes to favor some club in a game, and help it win.

As for the Tunisian Football Federation itself, everyone knows that it favors some clubs, and how it's not taking the situation of the referees seriously.

Some of the clubs as well are very famous with corruption, especially the "Esperance Sportive de Tunis" club. This club has more power in the Tunisian football than the Tunisian Football Federation itself!

For years, every single match, this club is winning using the help of referees. This year for example, this club has received a penalty kick in every single match they played so far! Penalty kicks that everyone agrees are unfair, even the club's supporters themselves!

Every single match this club is part of, the other team will protest at the end of the game against the unfairness of the referees, but the Federation is always ignoring the situation! On the contrary some of the Federation's members would challenge the protesting team and backed the mentioned corrupted club!

So far, this corrupted club has ranked number one this season using unfair and unethical methods, which means it will be part of the CAF Champions League competition next year! While other good playing and well organized teams are fighting for the second place to join the CAF competition!

We want all teams to have equal chances, we want to see a beautiful game, we want fair play, we want to put an end to the corruption in our football!

Please sign and share this petition with everyone you know, so we can send it to the FIFA to look out at the Football situation in Tunisia.

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