FIFA chooses who benefits from VAR technology. It's only for the "chosen few"

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Morocco has faced discrimination during its participation in the world cup especially in the games vs Portugal and Spain.

The Moroccan team was not awarded a VERY CLEAR penalty in the game against Portugal. Additionally, the goal scored by Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo should have NOT been awarded because the Portuguese defender Pepe had just committed a foul against Benatia right before the goal. But apparently the VAR was there just for the benefit of the big teams unlike Morocco.

In the game against Spain, we saw how the ref was distributing yellow cards for Moroccan players for absolutely the slightest fouls, as well as not being awarded a CLEAR foul for Morocco in the second half after the ball had touched Pique's hand near the penalty area, it was clear how the VAR contributed to Spain's second goal stealing a well-deserved victory from Morocco.

Were the referees told to use VAR just when it's for the benefit of the big teams?