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Fidelity is a major investor in Seaboard Foods, a pork company that locks up mother pigs in cages so small that they can’t even turn around for months on end with no reprieve. The mother pigs are repeatedly impregnated and forced back in the cage.  Each pig may spend up to four years locked inside a cage until she dies or can no longer produce at a profitable rate.  These cages, called gestation crates, are barely larger than the size of their bodies.  Seaboard’s own animal welfare advisor―world renowned scientist Dr. Temple Grandin―is explicit on this issue: “We've got to treat animals right, and the gestation stalls have got to go.”

Pigs are extremely intelligent and social animals, every bit as smart as the dogs we have at home. Animal scientists have found that pigs recognize their name and respond when called, dream when they sleep, develop close bonds with their family, and can even play simple video games better than chimpanzees!  Yet, by investing in Seaboard Foods, Fidelity is keeping these highly intelligent and emotional animals locked up in tiny cages where they can do nothing but stand up and lie down for virtually their entire lives.

In recent years, the public has learned out about the harsh realities of gestation crates. In fact, gestation crates are so cruel, they’re illegal in 9 US states, and are being eliminated in all of Canada, Australia, South Africa, and all 27 countries of the European Union. Some of the world's largest pork buyers have created policies demanding their suppliers eliminate these cages, including McDonald's, Burger King, Subway, Oscar Mayer, Johnsonville Sausage, Jimmy Dean, Kroger, and more. Despite this large scale opposition to gestation crates, Fidelity continues to invest in Seaboard.

It's time for Fidelity to stop investing in this archaic practice once and for all. Help out mother pigs by signing this petition, and tell Fidelity to stop investing in cruelty and pull out of Seaboard Foods!
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I recently learned that Fidelity is a major investor in Seaboard Foods, a pork company that still confines mother pigs inside cages for virtually their entire lives. These cages, called “gestation crates,” are so small the animals can’t even turn around. Fidelty is directly supporting this abusive system by investing Seaboard.

Consumers have made it clear that this outdated practice has to go. Voters and legislators have banned this practice in many countries around the world, in the entire European Union, and in nine US states. Major international food and hospitality companies have moved away from crates as well. Even many of the largest pork companies—including virtually all of Seaboard's top competitors—are eliminating gestation crates from their supply channels.

The public, veterinary scientists, major food industry players, and other leading pork producers have responded to this issue. Please make the wise and ethical business decision to drop your investment in Seaboard. The company is simply out of touch with American consumers’ view that animals ought not to be abused.