Dodge / Chrysler UConnect RB5 Needs an Update!

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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is the company behind Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler vehicles.  Beginning in 2011 FCA began using UConnect RB5 "infotainment" units in their line of Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep vehicles.  Several groups formed around the internet describing various problems with iPod integration and metadata display problems.  The UConnect RB5 unit uses a gracenote database to clean up metadata of MP3 files on USB sticks, iPods, SD Cards, and CDs.   The database for this metadata has not been updated since 2011.

Aside from album artwork and metadata not functioning properly the system also suffers from an astounding number of usability issues with iPod, even though 2016 vehicle window stickers still advertise "iPod Control" functionality.  I recently purchased a 2016 Dodge Dart equipped with the UConnect RB5 unit and indeed "iPod Control" is listed on my windows sticker.  The unit suffers from every issue mentioned in these internet groups dating back 3+ years.  So it is my argument that FCA knowingly and willingly equips new vehicles with problematic infotainment units.  Advertising "iPod Control" on a car that does anything but is bordering on fraudulent and FCA should take full responsibility and work to fix the issue with their customers.

Contacting FCA directly has led to recommendations of taking the vehicle to the dealership for service knowing that there is no available update to their UConnect RB5 unit.  Dealership technicians are well aware of the problems with said unit and recommend using an Android device to play music.  This is unacceptable and the root problem must be addressed for every owner of a UConnect RB5 equipped vehicle.  

Specific issues include but are not limited to:  

  • 20-30 minute cataloging of ipod when music is added/removed  
  • Album art of anything newer than 2011 not displayed  
  • When gracenote is disabled no artwork is displayed from MP3 metadata  
  • When shuffle is enabled on ipod sometimes incorrect song info is displayed  
  • When ipod is left connected to vehicle for 10 mins+ song does not resume next time car is started.  Random song plays  (when player input is left selected)
  • When a playlist is chosen, ipod then disconnected from car then reconnected it resumes song but loses its place in the playlist.  ex; song 17 of 100 before unplug song 1 of 100 when replugged (when input is changed to radio before exiting vehicle)
  • Songs start fading out 5 seconds before they end, sometimes they cut out completely. There is no way to disable this.  There is no crossfade
  • Default sort order is alphabetical and should be changed. Artist A-Z,# (or #,A-Z) either way is fine.
    >Album (A-Z, or even better, ordered by release date)
    >>Song (Track #)  **FIXED AS OF 12/16/16 Update**
  • Year information is not displayed on any song, with gracenote enabled or disabled

Affected Models:

2017: Journey

2016 : Dart, Journey
2015 : Dart, Journey,
2014 : Charger, Dart, Journey, 300
2013 : Charger, Dart, Journey, 300
2012 : Charger, Dart, Journey, 300
2011 : Charger, Dart, Journey, 300



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