FGCU Traditional Graduation

FGCU Traditional Graduation

March 1, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Emily Merton

Florida Gulf Coast University has recently announced the school will not hold traditional graduation for Spring of 2022 graduates. Students graduating have endured unprecedented times and deserve a traditional celebration that honors their perseverance through difficult times. 

Between the pandemic, geopolitical conflicts, and friction within our country students need the opportunity to share this massive achievement with their loved ones. 

Most public universities are holding traditional commencement. University of Florida is holding traditional graduation with approximately 10,000 student eligible to graduate. Florida State University has two times as many students as FGCU and will have traditional graduation.

The measures taken during the pandemic are beginning to fade away, as vaccines are widely available. One takeaway from enduring this unpredictable season, is we must take every opportunity to celebrate and surround ourselves with loved ones, because at any second everything can change.

FGCU has held massive events including, fundraising dinner’s, sporting events, and homecoming for alumni. The priorities of the university are exposed with this decision. Events to raise money are held. Athletic events are conducted. The university has an agenda that does not include properly celebrating students.

Please sign this petition to support students who deserve to stand with their peers, walk across the stage while professors and families cheer, move their tassel from right to left, and shout with joy as they celebrate the completion of a college degree.

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Signatures: 200Next Goal: 500
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