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Ferrets in Hawaii!: Make Ferrets LEGAL to own in Hawaii

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In Hawaii, it is illegal to own the lovely animal, the Ferret, as a pet.
Why would such a wonderful pet be banned?

"What are some of those invalid reasons? Well, a common one is that ferrets are seen as wild animals like raccoons or skunks, rather than a domestic species like house cats. Of course, ferrets have been domesticated for at least 2500 years. Another popular misconception is that ferrets pose a serious rabies danger; in fact, studies have indicated that it's very hard for a ferret to catch rabies, and when one does, it dies very quickly, so the danger is very small indeed. Dogs and Cats are just as likely to carry rabies, but are perfectly legal. Besides, there's a ferret rabies vaccine which has been shown to be very effective. A third common reason for banning ferrets is the idea that escaped pets (nearly all of which are spayed or neutered) will form feral packs and threaten livestock or native wildlife. There are no confirmed cases of feral ferrets (as opposed to polecats or polecat-ferret crosses, for instance) in the U.S., and a few deliberate attempts to introduce domestic ferrets to the wild have failed miserably with the ferrets dying within a few days, so this too is an unfounded fear -- even if one could picture a ferret harming a cow or breaking into a commercial poultry farm."

Ferrets have been banned in Hawaii because of misinformation and just plain ignorance.

If people are still worried about the safety of having Ferrets in Hawaii, make it mandatory for owners to have their Ferrets spayed/neutered, and always up to date with vaccinations.

We here signed want to bring legalization to owning a Ferret in Hawaii!


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