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Agree not to shop in pet stores that sell ferrets.

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This source indicates we can modify content at later time. Our efforts are to get ferret-enthusiasts to stop supporting stores who sell live animals, in particular, ferrets. They are sourcing ferrets obtained from inhumane mills, who also develop destructive and painful diseases at early ages, costing their owners emotional and financial burdens. They are delivering already-damaged "products" in many cases, and continue to allow the mills to continue to practice breeding these ferrets in horrid conditions. Many wind up at shelters due to their owners not being able(or willing) to afford unexpected-by-them medical-treatment costs once the animals reach as young as 1 year old for adrenal disease, the mills' too-early neutering in large part contributing. Many are not properly surgically altered even, the standards/conditions at the mill for both the breeding ferrets and their offspring are inhumane, and many ferrets returned to pet stores for their often immediate diminished health conditions are redirected to be placed in facilities for laboratory testing. The amount of homeless ferrets in this country's ferret shelters is immense, while pet stores continue to supply the demand; (there is also a sufficient amount of better-standard breeding entities who can offer healthier, longer-lived, and less costly in medical care ferrets to potential ferret owners!) Our efforts are to bring this to the attention of those ignorant to the role they play in shopping in these stores. And also demand the pet stores further decline supporting these mills. Please join us in agreeing to shop in supply-only stores and do what you can in your own neighborhoods by introducing this petition and expressing your business as a customer will no longer be unless they stop selling the ferrets. Help us help them to better support adoptions, and receive bigger and better business via the ferret community from being ferret supply-only. 

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