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Give Lolita her stolen freedom back!

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At the age of four in 1970, Lolita has been stolen from her family for entertainment purposes. In the beginning, Lolita had one killer whale companion, Keiko, who had died in 1980. After that death, Lolita was left alone in the tank without another killer whale in sight having only dolphins as her companions. She has been living in this artificial "home" for 46 years without a glimmer of hope for freedom.

In the Miami Seaquarium, Lolita is forced to live inside of America's smallest orca tank with dimensions of 35' x 80'. This tank is visibly too small for Lolita who is a 20 feet long, 7000 pound killer whale. However, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) claims the tank to be 60' x 80', which is evidently incorrect when measured through an aerial view of Lolita's tank. 

Not only is the tank size an issue, Lolita's constant exposure in the sun is causing potential blindness in the near future. She has been fed drugs for entertainment purposes in the aquarium.

According to the organization, Save Lolita, if Miami Seaquarium were to release Lolita then the plan for her is to not release her into the sea immediately but to send her to San Juan Islands, in Washington State, for her rehabilitation process. There she will be taught on how to live in the wild by teaching her how to eat live fish and taking her out in the sea pen, so she can get a feel of the ocean. After this process, Lolita will be released to her family pod where her mother is still alive and well, a chance to be reunited with her family.

Don't let Lolita live the rest of her life in solitude. Share and spread awareness of this atrocity. Your signature is one huge step towards change.


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