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Shut Down Feralfront

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On January 14, 2017, Feralfront, a play-by-post roleplaying site dedicated to roleplaying in the Warriors universe, officially transferred its site to the forum software Burning Board. The decision had been made by staff earlier and was heavily influenced by administrator UnshackledDynamo, a part of the staff only because he was delegated the duty of coding the site itself. Backlash to the transfer was heavy, and in turn, staff began to ban members for speaking their opinions on what they disliked about the new layout of the site. It grew so out of control to the point of which members were banned for either small reasons or no reason at all.

Members banned include the following (taken from this Tumblr post):

Misty/Hecate: "Misty made a new account under the name Hecate, which was the same name as a previously banned user, by coincidence. They did so in order to post an opinion in a civil manner, but still feared they would get banned for doing so. Hecate got banned because staff confused them with the previous Hecate, and once the confusion was cleared up, they were unbanned. [She was then] banned again later the same evening after jokingly asking to be banned."

Asyli: "[Asyli] expressed their need to rant and complain and how it’s a coping mechanism, then asked how to do something in the new site and was banned for three days."

Maxine: "[Maxine was] banned for posting memes about the site."

Bea: "[Bea was] banned for posting memes about the site."

Faux: "[Faux was] banned for posting memes about the site."

Yagi: "[Yagi was] banned for posting memes about the site."

Tohsaka: "[Tohsaka was] banned for being confused."

Sky-foot: "[Sky-foot was] banned for questioning the site transfer and posting in the meme threads."

Musey: "[Musey was] banned for asking Dynamo and Romans to kill [them]."

Sappho: Sappho was banned for unknown reasons.

Alora: Alora was banned for tracking a meme thread.

Crim: Crim was banned for jokingly asking to be banned.

Goochi: Goochi was banned for causing problems.

Jabberwocky: Jabberwocky was banned for starting the movement jokingly asking to be banned.

Many more not listed have been banned for similar reasons.

$2000 were spent to transfer Feralfront to the forum software Burning Board. Reasons for the transfer were to make coding easier, to free up space, to incorporate a game into the site, and to spend less money running the site. $2000 were spent to ban members when they expressed their dislike of the new site in a thread. No bans have been issued to those agreeing with staff but using vulgar language, suggesting favoritism.

Signing this petition brings us a step closer to shutting down the site once and for all. Thank you for taking the time to read this and signing this petition if you choose to.

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