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Rebuild Puerto Rico Green

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Let's turn this devastation into a positive, Rebuild Puerto Rico's energy infrastructure with Self sustainable renewable sources. As you know the current infrastructure has to be rebuilt, instead of rebuilding the current system build a new better system that doesn't rely on or as heavily on Petroleum, Gas or Coal. This can be more cost effective upfront on building the system as well in the future This will improve the current energy system and help against further devastation in the future and a source to improve Puerto Rico's economy by allowing it to be less dependent on those materials which can only be imported and has also been a sore subject during this disaster. This will not completely eliminate the need for these materials as they are used for plenty of other things, this will not only help with the current energy crisis it will also help the environment. To add to that; almost all the agriculture, horticulture and more has been also been destroyed. We need to rebuild and renew these as well in order to sustain life, Puerto Rico depends on these things for themselves and for export.

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