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FEMA CONSPIRACY "EXPOSED" Demand Homeland Security to Investigate. Updated!

UPDATE:  ~  On July 06 2010, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties forwarded evidence in this case to the U.S. Department of Justice for "whatever action they deem appropriate."

 Within the first week after Hurricane Katrina made landfall in Pearl River County, MS, a Maryland FEMA supervisor cleared allegations against a gay homeowner/caretaker of two terminally ill family members and secured his name onto an application for disaster assistance. At least 13 federal supervisors allegedly conspired with a community and family members, by not securing his name on the same application based on sexual orientation. No services were ever provided and ended up in a excruciating death of an end stage Alzheimers patient in May,2008. With over 100 pages of compelling evidence entered into a Federal Trade Commission's retaining system (FTC Ref # 23839450) (FEMA # 93-3733536-1604) and numerous copies sent nationwide, nothing has been done to address these civil, constitutional, and human rights violations. 

In possession of at least three copies and several online complaints filed alone, the ACLU of Mississippi has been non responsive for over two years. There are no civil rights lawyers in the state and the MS Center for Legal Services claims "they cannot get involved with civil rights issues on orders of the state.". Governor Haley Barbour has also been non responsive to a request  for a civil rights investigation submitted to him in 2008. This case will never go away until all of the guilty are brought to justice. 21 months later 06/07/2007, Homeland Security came to the damaged address to arrest and prosecute James McGee Jr. on a long list of false allegations. After the investigation was completed and NO ARREST COULD BE MADE, a request was made for federal protection. This request was granted as well as a federal appeal in which Mr. McGee had qualified for every grant within the program. This appeal was ignored by the state, which appears to be in possible violation of the law. Until this case is addressed and resolved, this type of hate is allowed to occur over and over again. The only case in the state of Mississippi with the merits to stand on and it has been 4 years, 5 months that Mr. McGee has been waiting for due process as afforded under the US constitution. Please TAKE ACTION today. No citizen's family member deserves to die a horrible death just because of a son's sexual orientation. A brief summary can be found at of this case's implications.

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The President of the United States
UPDATE: JULY 06, 2010 the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties has forwarded the evidence in this case to the U.S. Department of Justice for "whatever action they deem appropriate."
FTC # 23839450 as well as other recorded evidence is in the possession of the United States Government yet this case remains suppressed approaching the 5 year mark. I urge you to investigate this case and vindicate James McGee Jr. His name was cleared and added onto an application for disaster assistance in Sept, 2005. None of the 13 supervisors that were deployed to the Poplarville, MS disaster recovery office on September 04, 2005 would secure his name on the application because of sexual orientation. HIS NAME WAS REMOVED. The Federal agent that came to his damaged address told him that these 13 supervisors would not secure his name. They didn't. He witnessed their refusals.
In June, 2007 an investigator from Homeland Security came to arrest and prosecute him on a wide array of federal charges thus removing him from the community. This investigator failed in his attempt. Mr. McGee Jr. qualified for and was awarded a federal appeal that was turned down by the State of Mississippi and Governor Haley Barbour. Mr. McGee Jr. ask for, and was granted federal protection as well. This investigator was a witness to Mrs.Theresa Ann Guarino McGee, and her being at the damaged address by the orders of her doctor 5 months before the storm made landfall. His mother passed away in May of 2008 from end stage Alzheimers disease with NO SERVICES ever rendered to the address. According to the civil rights division of FEMA Maryland, federal agents are trained NOT to get involved with a community problem. All 13 were involved, either directly or in directly. One was even related to members of the community they were trained not to get involved with. Disasters happen all around this country and these types of civil, human, and constitutional rights violations occur more and more because no one can stand up against it that has the merits. It is time to stop the suppression of this case and vindicate James McGee Jr. No state will ever ignore a federal appeal on the same case again. Over 130 pages of evidence was delivered to HLS and signed for by CRDS Receiving (Jonathan Ransom) on May 06, 2010. Trkng# 7005 1820 0005 1955 4875. It has been in their possession.
Over 180 pages was overnighted USPS to the USDOJ and received on 07/15/2010 TRK # EQ773083742 US to assist them in their assessment of this case.

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