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Felony Expungement After 10 Years


To whom it may concern, My name is Monchelo Moffitt, and against the State of Alabama I would like to petition for a bill to be passed that may expunge a felony after 10 years. In the State of Alabama we have an equal employment opportunity law that Alabama does not follow. Individuals with
felony convictions are treated like Aliens in the State of Alabama. In the State of Alabama, individuals with felony convictions are being charged
and treated in a way that should be called (double jeopardy). In the State of Alabama, convicted felons are sentenced to time in prison to fight
for there lives. For some, after completing this harsh time in an Alabama prison, probation and fees are due which should actually be considered
as (double jeopardy). Convicted felons are being charged in and outside of the court system. In the State of Alabama a sentence is given with the
opportunity to be released as a free man but when released in the State of Alabama, a felony record makes you an unfree man. Convicted felons
are not free to work where they may, convicted felons are not free to vote as they please, and convicted felons are not free to roam as they wish.
A felony record for jobs to see is (double jeopardy,) its like being tryed by another jury. In the State of Alabama a "Human Being" with a felony
record is not given an equal employment opportunity which by law is discrimination. 

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