Economic Justice for Bizzarium

Economic Justice for Bizzarium

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Oliver Roper started this petition to Felix

There is a great injustice happening behind the closed doors of Polarstar.

Amongst the corruption, incompetence of moderators and the very existence of Polarstar being at stake, a deal behind doors is trying to be made to achieve a better service providing proper products.

Bizzarium is currently trying to trade his entire share of Blizzard in return for all of Felix’s share of Striker, so that Bizzarium can pay Evade more for Striker. More of that below.

Why is Bizzarium Trying to Break Ties with Felix and Polarstar?

Bizzarium feels Felix has been freeloading off Polarstar for too long, often without any responsibilities he has just been receiving a large amount of pay for doing practically nothing. Even Felix knew this, proven by Bizzarium offering to trade roles with Felix, where they swap responsibilities and pay and him (Felix) denying it straight up. Bizzarium believes Felix has too much power (Hence his constant @everyone pings and incessant arrogance) and wants to distance himself as much as possible from Polarstar- the Company he built, a Felix- once a friend, while maintaining some of the money he has earned and not ending up being completely broke.

Striker is lacking features.

Why? Evade is slaving behind the scenes working and barely receiving any pay. This means he loses his incentive to work and, ultimately, means he will do less.

What is stopping Evade getting paid more? Evade is currently being paid 25% of all profit of **his** kit. A developer should be receiving majority pay for something he has made, yet the big officials of this company, Polarstar are taking all the money for themselves. I am trying to get all the stakes of Striker, as to give Evade his earned 60% profit.

Why should you care?
With Evade being paid more, that means a few things for you guys.
-More features more regularly (Due to Evade's increased incentive to work)
-Cheaper System

With these two benefits and an injustice this large, will you help me buy Striker off Felix?

Sign this petition to support Evade and Bizzarium and drive the future of Striker forward beyond the bounds of Polarstar.

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