Feline Practioners (AAFP) Stop Allowing Declawing At Your Cat Friendly Practices

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Dear American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP),

We, the undersigned, ask you (AAFP) to no longer allow declawing in your "Cat Friendly" Practices. How can you call a practice "cat friendly" if that practice engages in an inhumane, painful and punitive surgery that has absolutely no benefit to the cats?

Isn't that the opposite of "CAT FRIENDLY?"

Declawing is the amputation of a cat's last toe bone. It is performed routinely in AAFP Cat Friendly hospitals across the country despite your position statement against it and despite it having absolutely no benefit to the cat.

Declawing is below the standard of care.

Cats deserve better.

It's time for you to be strong. We will celebrate your bravery in leading the way to a better world for cats.

Here is a 2018 survey that I did involving 156 CAT FRIENDLY Practices including the CFP where your 2018 President works. The results of my survey showed that 85% of the CFP's declaw cats. It also showed how many of your CFP's suggested a declaw with a spay/neuter procedure and many declaw cats on all four paws. http://www.citythekitty.com/declawing-and-cat-friendly-practices/

Also please stop allowing your Cat Friendly declawing vets to lie about how declawing is performed and stop allowing them to promote declawing! Here is one of the many sad examples - http://www.citythekitty.com/declawing-a-cat-is-not-cat-friendly/


 More about the 2017 President of AAFP and how the practice she works at addresses declawing- http://bit.ly/FurnitureFriendly

Here are other petitions that I made to help end declawing.

1) Purina- http://bit.ly/PurinaPetition

2) Mars Inc- http://bit.ly/MarsPetition

3) American Animal Hospital Association- https://www.change.org/p/nancy-soares-american-animal-hospital-association-stop-declawing-at-your-hospitals

4) Cornell- http://bit.ly/CornellCondemnDeclawing

Please follow City the Kitty on facebook, Instagram (@citythekitty), and Twitter (@City_the_Kitty) for updates about this campaign and more.

Also please go to the PawProject.org to read about the facts about declawing and their crusade to end declawing. They are also on facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


For more information about declawing go to the PawProject.org and CitytheKitty.com