Realistic Monster Jam Game

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I am a huge fan of Monster Jam. I have been ever since I was a kid. One of the things that I loved to do was play the Monster Jam video games, and I still do to this day. I mainly play "Monster Jam: Path Of Destruction" on my Xbox 360 (yes, I still use it), "Monster Jam: Urban Assault" and the "Monster Jam (2007)" games on my Wii. Personally, from playing the mobile game and watching gameplay footage of “Battlegrounds" and "Crush It!", The games have been degrading in quality ever since my childhood. Keep in mind; this is coming from an adult fan. What I would like to see is a shift in focus regarding who the games are being played by, and who is following Monster Jam as a whole. On behalf of the adult fanbase, and the entire monster truck community; I would like to see a realistic Monster Jam game. As for who can make it, personally; I was thinking about EA Canada or EA Tiburon (Electronic Arts, Known for both Madden and Fifa). If not them, then either Turn 10 (recognized for the Forza Motorsport series) or Codemasters (known for their F1 and Dirt series). 2K Sports is another good developer for this video game. I feel as though, for accessibility reasons, this game should be developed and released for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC/Mac OSX/Linux. As for what to expect out of the game, there are several features that I, and many others, would like to see. 

First: Multiplayer. A huge factor to consider during the development period. It also makes it so that people can race, freestyle, do wheelie competitions, etc. with one another online. People can also go on tour, and do stuff like simulate the FS1 series, or Triple Threat Series. The player can also create custom tours to go on with a party. The host can pause their tour and be picked back up at a later date in time. This same idea also applies to local multiplayer. The host can name the tour that they make, like "Path of Destruction East/West." They could make it so that it is a combination of arenas and stadiums if they wanted to. A person will win through a points system, like the actual series in Monster Jam today. The max amount of players for a single party depends on what tour you do. For the Triple Threat Series, the max value will be 8; for the FS1/Stadium series, the max amount will be 14. Just like in real life. Players will also do qualifying to set a racing bracket for that particular event. Just like in real life, for the stadium series, only eight players will be racing. The six that didn't make the racing bracket will do a wheelie competition.

Second: Destinations. Another factor to deeply consider. What if someone doesn’t want to compete in a large stadium like Ford Field, AT&T Stadium, Angel Stadium? Maybe they want to compete in smaller arenas. For example, the player would want to compete at the XL Center in Hartford, CT. Or in the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, RI. It also gives variety to the player for both offline, and online competitions. Plus, with Atlanta getting a new stadium, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, it would be perfect timing.

Third: What people can do in the game. What if the player wants to do a Triple Threat Series location or a smaller arena? It opens the door for wheelie and donut competitions, etc. Also, another feature that people will enjoy having; Track Building. Think of it as Super Mario Maker, but with Monster Jam. People can rebuild tracks from the past, and they can share and download their tracks off the internet and play on them. The creator can also choose how the races will run on their course. They can choose Chicago style, Vegas style, SoCal, etc. It opens the door for creation. Another feature that people would go crazy for is Truck Customization. Well, a more advanced version of it. They choose the engine style they would want, shocks, body, sponsors, color, etc. People can let those creative juices flow and make something great. They can also share and download truck designs off the internet. In the single event mode, players can choose from the ATV Race, Speedster Race, Stadium/Arena Racing, Freestyle, and the stunt contests. Players can practice with these modes against AI before going online and competing against human opponents.

Fourth: Sponsors within the games. Another easy one, considering that this game is targeting an older audience. It should allow sponsors like Lucas Oil, Monster Energy, and VP Racing Fuels to be in the game, since this would be more like a simulator, as opposed to an arcade game. Plus, if the Air Force Afterburner can be in a game, why can't Monster Energy be in it? 

Fifth: A Career Mode. This one is a no-brainer. The player will have the ability to choose which tour they would like to go on. Like the FS1 East/West or the Triple Threat Series East/Central/West. Either way, this is the road to Las Vegas for the player offline.

Sixth: Extra Information that was left out. In the single event mode, all stadiums/arenas and monster trucks will be available from the start. Just like in Madden or Fifa. Also, the player should have the ability to change the skins of the trucks. An example of being able to change skins is Avenger, because of the plethora of bodies that truck has for the world finals, and over the years. The same idea applies to several different monster trucks like Monster Mutt, Grave Digger, Max-D, Bounty Hunter, and others. Another example of multiple skins is Monster Mutt. The player can select the Monster Mutt, press the select button or whatever, and pick from the Monster Mutt Dalmatian, Rottweiler, Junkyard Dog, etc. It also opens the door for other Grave Diggers and Max-Ds to be in the game. I also feel that both the boost and jump features from previous games needs to be omitted entirely from gameplay. An arcade mode can contain stuff like stunt contests (wheelies and donuts), speedster races, and ATV races to satisfy younger fans. The UI can be like FS1's. I'm sorry, I couldn't find another place to put this little bit of info.

Seventh and Final: DLC. How will it be handled? Personally, I'd love to see a superhero pack that contains both the DC and Marvel trucks with their alternate skins (as is the case with Batman and Spiderman). As long as they charge something like $5.00 for it; make it good and cheap, and people will buy it. Assuming the developers and Feld can get the licenses from Warner Bros.(DC), Fox, and Disney (because of how Marvel had to split movie rights, and that Disney bought them). It is also how people will be able to get Avenger's skins, all of the Grave Digger anniversary and world finals skins, etc.

Give the Madden/Forza/Dirt treatment to Monster Jam games and people will buy them.

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