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Change Eventing Blood Rules/ Apply Yellow Card System

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In the past year there have been numerous incidences involving upper level eventing and visible blood on horses' mouths at competitions. In all instances the rider was allowed to complete the course. FEI rules allow this decision to be made at the discretion of the ground jury when related to the discipline of eventing. 

We are kidding ourselves if we do not think that there are politics at play. There needs to be a cut and dry rule requiring a horse to be immediately pulled up when there is blood on the mouth so that our event officials do not have to use their own judgment or face fear of backlash if a rider is pulled up on course due to blood on their horses mouth. Blood on the mouth should be taken seriously in this sport.

If the rules are not changed there should at least be a yellow card system to properly penalize repeat offenders. 

As equestrians our horses welfare should be of utmost importance. Right now that is not the image that is being portrayed. This is a public disgrace to the sport of eventing and a change needs to be made.

What is more important here? One competition, or the integrity and perception of our sport?

Petition edited to more clearly state that rules regarding blood on the mouth are what is being discussed.

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