Hinamatsuri Anime Season 2 2019-2022 and potential OVAs

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We as the Hinamatsuri community and fanbase request a new season of Hinamatsuri with all due respect! In order to show how much fans would like a new season of HInamatsuri, we will be gathering signatures to support the series.We believe there is high demand for a new season of Hinamatsuri.

We truly enjoy and appreciate the hard work and effort put into this season of Hinamatsuri. We wish for the return of the comedic adventure of Hina, Nitta and the other characters in the future!

While we are waiting for the new season to arrive in the future. We are hoping that there would be potential OVAs from the chapters skipped over by the anime adaptation sometime soon.

We hope that once there is sufficient chapters for another anime adaptation of the series that it will be adapted by Feel studio once more.