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Feed or Free the Lions In Buenos Aires: Feed the Lions Kept at the Buenos Aires Zoo, or give them to a Sanctuary that Will

Just taking a look at the picture will send shivers down your spine: lions kept in cages, starved to the bone, their skin stretched out, sagging because it has no meat to cover. A look at the picture tells you all you need to know, to sign this petition and end the poor animals' suffering.

Letter to
Feed or Free the Lions In Buenos Aires
Upon reading a dreadful article about the lions kept at your Zoo, I started a petition to end their suffering.

I request that you either move the lions from your location to a sanctuary that will feed them, or send me a photo of proof that the lions are at a healthy weight.

Después de leer un artículo terrible sobre los leones mantenidos en su Zoo, comencé una petición para poner fin a su sufrimiento.

Le pido que sea mover los leones de su ubicación a un santuario que alimentarán a ellos, o enviarme una foto de prueba de que los leones están en un peso saludable.

Thank you,
Sasha Skorobogatova

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