Hazard pay for all FedEx (Ground, Express, etc.) personnel during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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During the current COVID-19 pandemic situation FedEx Express corporate employees and FedEx Ground contractors are continuing to provide essential deliveries to people and businesses across the United States (and around the globe). These even include COVID-19 tests, protection equipment and treatment supplies. Direct contact with people is a necessary part of the Purple Promise to quickly and efficiently move packages containing medications and other goods to the people who need them in this time of uncertainty. Given the hidden nature of the highly contagious viral infection for up to 2 weeks, continued service puts not just individual drivers at risk, but their coworkers in stations, and the millions of customers to whom they deliver excellent service to every day. It's not hard to project how a single infection within the larger network could spread across the country, like an anxiously anticipated parcel, literally overnight. 
If the situation continues to worsen, as possible predictions project, keeping couriers and workers suspected of coming in contact with the infection at home may become necessary to prevent further spread to mitigate potential network disruption.

We are already seeing broad swaths of our working economy quarantined, severely restricting economic down-flow into our local economies. Offering hazard pay to the folks who work to keep our own towns viable only makes sense for FedEx, not only because these people and businesses patronize FedEx, but because taking care of the FedEx family in uncertain times should be priority #1. 

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