FedEx should raise the pay of there Employees during Covid-19(Coronavirus) pandemic.

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During the Covid-19 Pandemic, many companies, such as Amazon, UPS, and even grocery stores, have raised the pay of their employees working during these uncertain times, realizing the risk that comes with working at a supply chain type business. FedEx, however, has failed to compensate their employees for working during these times. FedEx is a non-union company. Most Package Handlers, Managers, and Truck Drivers are on the front lines everyday. They are risking their lives to get packages to the hospitals, grocery stores, and many other customers. Many FedEx employees take public transportation, putting themselves and their families at an even greater risk by having to travel during this quarantine. It would be nice if FedEx would compensate their employees that are at high risk everyday just by coming to work. Many of FedEx employees all over the world have been forced to come to work, despite of having COVID-19 like symptoms. Feeling forced and unappreciated, yet still making the bare minimum of what FedEx is willing to pay. Most FedEx hubs do not have the bare necessities, such as Mask, Gloves, hand sanitizer, and disinfectants. Volume is up all over the world at FedEx, as millions of people are forced to order online for good. The media is telling people that the Covid-19 cannot survive on cardboard, but cardboard is not the only packaging traveling through a supply chain company like FedEx. It is uncertain if a hard surface has been contaminated by Covid-19. So Please sign this petition to let the employees at FedEx feel appreciated with a pay increase at this time. It would be nice and appreciated! Thank You.