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Demand FedEx Drop the NRA and their Russian Friends

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The National Rifle Association spent tens of millions of dollars on Donald Trump’s campaign, and the campaigns of other politicians who support their deadly “guns everywhere” agenda. Now, they’re under investigation by the FBI for funneling money from Russian interests into American political campaigns. If the gun lobbyists took money from a hostile foreign power and used it to influence our elections, they broke the law and betrayed our country.

Once a patriotic organization with deep ties to our country, the NRA and their gun lobby friends have spent years building relationships with shady foreigners. Some of their top people, like disreputable former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke and former NRA President David Keane, have traveled to Russia to promote the “guns everywhere” agenda abroad. And Russians with connections to the Kremlin and the criminal underworld, like Alexander Torshin, a Russian politician and alleged money launderer, and Maria Butina, a Russian gun lobbyist often spotted around Trump allies, have come to the United States to plot strategy with their NRA friends. Now it looks like they're actively undermining American democracy with Russian blood money.

But the NRA’s new Russian friends aren’t the only people working in support of the deadly agenda pushed by the gun lobbyists. American companies are helping them too.

Companies like FedEx, a member of the NRA’s Business Alliance, are helping the NRA and their Russian allies push guns into our communities, and to push people like Donald Trump into office. Those companies -- many of them major American brands -- should be ashamed.

Join Guns Down in demanding that corporations with business ties to the NRA, starting with FedEx, end those relationships immediately.

FedEx must divest from the NRA. Their association with the gun lobby and the dangerous ideas they spread was unacceptable from the start, but with news that the NRA may have illegally funneled foreign dollars into our elections in order to undermine our democratic process it is simply unconscionable for an American company like FedEx to maintain a relationship with them and their Russian allies.

Demand that FedEx show respect for American democracy. Demand that they end their relationship with the NRA now.

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