Petition: Where is F1 going? Justice for F1. Justice for Vettel

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‘’Ultimately it’s not the sport that I fell in love with when I was watching"
Where is the real F1 going? The one that made every supporter's heart beat a thousand times? The one made of overtaking built with cunning and talent and the one made of real fights wheel to wheel?
Is Sebastian Vettel right when he says that this wonderful sport is changing?
After the Canadian Grand Prix that was held yesterday, yes.
Let's talk about the 5-second penalty imposed on the Ferrari German driver, where the stewards have considered that he had not returned to the track in total safety by obstructing the passage of rival Lewis Hamilton.
The assigned penalty has been considered ridiculous to most F1 fans, journalists, drivers and commentators because, as the supreme Leo Turrini wrote, "so Formula One is killed.I go down hard because it is an offense to the culture of motorsport the sanction costing victory to Seb Vettel. Frankly, I don't understand what the German could do on lap 48. Do you have to disappear from the track? Vanish to avoid bothering Hamilton? But my friend Emanuele Pirro,race commissioner and dear person, he remembers what were the Grand Prix in the days of Senna and of Prost, or of Schumacher and Hakkinen? "
We read in a well-known Italian newspaper ‘’ we can discuss endlessly, about judgment, but not needed. " How is it not useful? What is not needed?
This is not a penalty for Mercedes / Hamilton, rather than for Ferrari / Vettel. Here it is the F1, the real one.
Do they forbid us to see a real battle, a good race and we should shut up?
Do you know why yesterday Sebastian Vettel exchanged the numbers ?! Not because he was sad for having lost, as if it were a whim, but because he rebelled against a system that failed yesterday.
It was enough to hear the screams of the public to understand that what the fans wanted was action.
Let's raise our voice, let's make ourselves heard because F1 is ours and we should take care of it. Dearest FIA, this petition is for you, to make you open your eyes, to make you hear our voice and our will.
Only you can remedy yesterday's dramatic decision error. Let us believe again this sport can still give us the emotions that gave us up to the 48th lap of the Canadian Gp
Justice for F1.