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The shelter for abandoned and street dogs in Gladno Polje is a few kilometres away from the city of Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia & Herzegovina. This place is more of a torture chamber for the unfortunate dogs trapped inside, rather than a shelter. The money which the government dedicated to shelter operations has never been used for this purpose and is instead pocketed by the company contracted to run the shelter, while dogs are literally starving in the unsupervised shelter. The dogs have always depended on donations from animal lovers for food and vet care and on local volunteers to feed them and clean the shelter. On June 19, 2015, all volunteers and citizens who wanted to help the dogs were banned from the shelter, because they reported an overflown sewer and insanitary conditions inside, which the shelter director and staff refused to take care of. The dogs inside are starved, some are sick and injured, and some get killed. Now that the plumbing is frozen in the cold winter months, they don’t even get water for days, even weeks. New dogs are constantly being brought in, and often dogs are killed in order to make space for the new ones. These dogs are socialized and definitely not dangerous, however they get killed with the excuse that they are aggressive. Dozens of healthy, socialized street dogs who have been sterilized, vaccinated and microchipped by the British organization Dogs Trust, are being killed on the street and some of them once brought into the shelter. Volunteers have tried to appeal to all responsible institutions, however their concerns have gone ignored and unanswered. The dogs live in the most horrific conditions, without any supervision. New dogs, including puppies are simply dumped in, and often get ripped to pieces by starving dogs who are already inside. Volunteers fought hard and tried contacting all possible institutions in this country, without any success. Until June 19, 2015, volunteers fed those dogs every day, cleaned the shelter, provided needed vet care as much as possible, vaccinations, adoptions etc., all with money donated by animal lovers from around the world. Now that the access to the shelter is forbidden, all volunteers can do is watch the agony of these innocents animals and the evil acts that are committed against them, inside a completely corrupted system. Since they are completely unsupervised, many dogs get out and roam the streets of the surrounding neighbourhood, looking for food. They are often abused by the people who live nearby. The shelter now has approximately 100 dogs of any age and size. The existing law against animal abuse and cruelty is being completely ignored by all involved institutions and is being broken on a daily basis, by the same people who voted for that same law in Bosnia & Herzegovina in 2009. The list of rules for the operation of shelters for abandoned and street dogs are also being broken and ignored. We are asking that this horror shelter be closed immediately by the responsible veterinary inspectors and that adequate time is given for the existing dogs to be placed elsewhere, and not to be euthanized. During this time, volunteers are to be allowed uninterrupted access to the shelter, as per current animal welfare laws, in order to take care of the dogs, until the shelter is closed.

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