Stop Brittany Dawn Fitness Scams

Stop Brittany Dawn Fitness Scams

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Brittany Dawn Greisen (Davis) of Brittany Dawn Fitness 

is a YouTube and Instagram “influencer” who promotes herself as a public figure within the fitness arena of social media. 

With over 500K followers, primarily made up of young girls, Brittany falsely promotes women empowerment on her social media platforms, while continually scamming and lying to her followers, clients, and fans. Brittany has scammed hundreds of women out of their hard earned money through the fraudulent practices of her LLC, Brittany Dawn Fitness. 

With countless victims of her unethical scams looking for justice, in less than a week the Brittany Dawn Fitness Complaint Facebook group grew to nearly 3,000 members. The Yelp and Better Business Bureau reviews associated with her unethical practices illustrate an alarming trend! 

Please visit the links below for more information and please support this petition in hopes that Texas officials find it necessary to dissolve the Brittany Dawn Fitness brand. In an effort to save women from unethically curated fitness and nutrition programs as wells as to protect future potential customers from further instances of fraud, please support the women who ethically contribute to the fitness community and stop influencers like Brittany Dawn who have harmed hundred!